Macrogard® purified betaglucans


purified betaglucans
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MacroGard® is a raw material for animal feed consisting of purified beta 1.3/1.6 glucans derived from the cell wall of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The yeast cell wall is made up of a dense matrix of mannan-oligosaccharides, chitin, and proteins in which the beta-glucans are found deep down, with little action on the immune system.
To allow beta-glucans to perform their action as immuno-modulators, the other constituent components of the cell wall are removed by a dedicated technical process thanks to which the beta-glucans are "released" and able to bind to specific receptors present on macrophages (primary cells of the non-specific immune system).This link can be described as a key-lock system and forms the basis for activating the mechanism of action of beta-glucans on the immune system.
MacroGard® is produced in Brazil by Biorigin, a Business Unit of the Zilor group dedicated to the production and processing of yeasts and yeast derivatives.

Plus of product
  • Systemic immunomodulating effect
  • Low protein content max 6%
  • Betaglucan content titrated min. 60%
  • Benefits supported by several scientific publications

General Specifications