Company - Albitalia

Your partner for the best ingredient solutions


A reliable partner

Albitalia is a well-established distribution company, founded in 1980 with a clear idea in mind: to set up a company of the highest level operating in the animal nutrition sector. In recent years our policy has not changed and the results have shown we made the right decision: we have created an extremely efficient sales organisation, made up of specialists in the livestock sector.
Market knowledge and loyalty expressed by new partners who believed in us have allowed us to expand our business into the petfood sector and foreign markets too.


A historical partner for the challenges ahead

Always with a future focus: finding innovative products with a low environmental impact so as to be a strong and reliable point of reference to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Being a service company means being a company based on values


We are recognised by the market for our reliability and the constancy of our products.


Our team is of specialists able to showcase the products and always find the very best solutions to meet customer requirements, supporting them in the regulatory aspects.


We represent major companies, producers of raw materials and additives. This lets us offer only the very best products on the market, ensuring a positive impact on the entire production chain.


We possess vast in-depth knowledge of the market and its players and we operate in full trasparency. 


In addition to technical-sales&marketing personnel, we have personnel who specialise in regulatory aspects, quality and logistics.


We source products from more than 20 different countries, distributing them in the most efficient and timely manner possible across the country.


Our work is guaranteed and certified


Albitalia's philosophy has always aimed at seeking high safety standards of the products marketed and ensuring the reliability of its partners.
That is what led to Albitalia becoming the first Italian trading company, operating in the livestock sector, to achieve UNI EN ISO 9001 certification, which was then followed by GMP+ B3 certification.