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19 October 2023

Innovative and Sustainable Organic Acids

Salucid Biobased, produced by Chaincraft, is a product obtained through a specific production process that, starting from plant nutrients, allows for the creation of a mixture of medium and short chain fatty acids, particularly consisting of sodium caproate and butyrate.

The fatty acids that make up Salucid Biobased are naturally obtained through the non-GMO fermentation of organic food sources from the FOOD chain and have a very low environmental impact with a carbon footprint reduction of 70% and 50% less energy required for its production compared to the main sources of organic acids.

It is a highly interesting product due to the high percentage of sodium caproate (50-70%), a very effective compound to support proper intestinal functionality and boost growth performance, but which has always had limited use due to the high costs of synthesizing the product. Equally important and recognized is the role of sodium butyrate present in a high percentage, similar to that of traditionally synthesized commercial products added to diets, which can therefore be replaced.

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