Calcium Chloride: CASO®

CASO® Feed -Tec

CASO® Feed -Tec

calcium chloride
Indicate for:
cows and cattle
Sheep and Goat


A raw material for animal feed, CASO® Feed calcium chloride is considered one of the best anion salts for animal feed and is used to influence the electrolyte balance by modifying it or keeping it stable in order to ensure high calcaemia values during delivery. It also helps reduce the risk of urinary tract infections and strengthen the uterine muscles (especially important in hyper-prolific sows).

The CASO® Tec product, on the other hand, is used in the road/traffic sector. In winter it proves to be the most effective "road deicer" on the market. Compared to sodium chloride it is able to melt ice much more quickly. In summer, on the other hand, with dry and dusty roads, calcium chloride absorbs moisture and thus prevents the lifting of dust.

The calcium chloride we market and sell is produced in the Rosignano soda factory, in the province of Livorno, by Solvay.

Plus of product
  • Regulates the electrolyte balance
  • It reduces the risk of postpartum hypocalcaemia
  • It reduces the risk of urinary tract infections
  • It melts road ice effectively
  • Absorbs humidity avoiding the raising of dust

General Specifications