puree X - insect puree




Puree X is a fresh insect puree obtained from Hermetia illucens larvae (black soldier fly); it represents an ideal base for wet dog and cat food, it is an alternative and sustainable food source that stands out for its high nutritional value and its usability in hypoallergenic diets.
This raw material has a high percentage of proteins and fats, a balanced amino acid profile and a high content of short and medium chain fatty acids that make the product highly digestible.
The process of breeding the larvae and the production of the resulting ingredients is completely automated so as to guarantee specific controls that ensure product stability, biological safety, traceability and industrial production volumes.
The insect puree we market and sell is produced by Protix which is today one of the most recognised companies worldwide in the production and processing of insect-derived raw materials and is GMP+ certified.

Plus of product
  • Alternative food source
  • High digestibility
  • Low environmental impact
  • High energy value
  • High percentage of proteins

General Specifications