Increased by-pass protein
Indicate for:
cows and cattle
Sheep and Goat


Valopro-TEO is a product based on essential oils, mineral salts and tannins specifically designed to increase the amount of by-pass protein.

The components of the product have a synergistic effect and different modes of action, the essential oils reduce and slow down bacterial proteolysis at the rumen level, the tannins bind the proteins and release them once they reach the glandular stomach so as not to make them available for degradation affecting the ruminal microflora, while the mineral salts have the specific function of increasing the synthesis of bacterial protein by reducing ammoniacal nitrogen in the rumen. The increase in by-pass protein is measurable with the use of the appropriate nutritional matrix.

Plus of product
  • Greater food efficiency
  • Improvement of fat and protein levels in milk
  • Increased milk production
  • Lower excretion of nitrogenous compounds in the environment
  • Lower presence of NPN in milk