optimizer of ruminal carbohydrate fermentation
Indicate for:
cows and cattle
Sheep and Goat


Valopro-NRJ is a product based on essential oils, mineral salts and spices, specifically designed to regulate rumen fermentations and optimize the use of the ration by reducing metabolic disorders.

The components of the product have a synergistic effect and act with different modes of action, the essential oils inhibit the amylolytic action and the production of propionate, instead increasing the activity of cellulolytic bacteria, the spices increase salivation and the secretion of pancreatic juices , while mineral salts constitute important nutrients for the ruminal microflora. These effects translate into greater energy available to the animal, optimization of the kinetics of ruminal fermentation and greater availability of nutrients. The advantages of the product are measurable and applicable to rations thanks to the specific nutritional matrix.

Plus of product
  • Greater food efficiency
  • Improved lactation persistence
  • Increased growth performance in beef cattle
  • Better use of the fibrous component
  • Lower incidence of metabolic disorders (acidosis)